SLSU, Lucban Quezon Career and Job Placement

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     The Career and Job Placement Office of Southern Luzon State University offers different comprehensive and strategic services aligned to CMO No. 9, Series of 2013 and AACCUP criteria under the Parameter of Student Welfare to assist undergrad and graduating students with the difficult task of starting their careers.


Career Symposium Program

     Providing the undergrad students and graduating students with the awareness of present career opportunities available to them and allows them to have insights from the resources/guest speakers about the career planning, career developments/career mapping.

Job Fair Program

     Inviting Companies representing various industries to participate in an interactive meeting with the SLSU students who will be having their OJT, graduating students and alumni for job application, selection and recruitment.

Linkages Program

     Establishing active linkages with different institutions, communities, alumni, and other relevant agencies to ensure that our graduates meet industry demands.

     Promoting mutually supportive industry-academe collaboration/linkages and strengthening career guidance.

Career Information Program

     Assisting students and graduates in building their careers by providing up-to-date information about job openings/OJT postings, career information and continuous education programs. Linking the official FB page of Career and Job Placement with the University’s Official Webpage.

Database Program

     Creating directory and/or database of our Graduates, OJT Partners and Industry Partners for tracer study, increase the employability, easy monitoring and updating of its records.

Personal/Academic/Career Counseling

     Providing individualized counseling for personal, career, transfer, and all academic matters with an emphasis on career counseling.

Monitoring and Evaluation of the Career and Program Placement Program

     Providing a monitoring and evaluation of its program through surveys, interviews, and feedback forms.

Continuous Professional Development

     Keeping abreast with the current trends, issues and demands in the workforce.


     There are four ways for you to get updated with the latest job postings:

Under the University Website, browse the "Student Services Category" then click the "SLSU Career and Job Placement" option.


Follow us on facebook at SLSU, Lucban Quezon Career and Job Placement


Visit us at SLSU Main Campus, 2nd floor CABHA Building