College of Teachers Education


  • Generate pertinent research endeavors to enhance and develop teaching and learning practices.
  • Intimate investigation to help internally innovative program and projects for an alternative learning system for community development.
  • Conducts studies documenting the community’s socio-political and cultural practices to enrich heritage.
  • Incorporate immersion activities and extension endeavors with curricular and instructional program to internally community-development agenda.
  • Offer relevant continuing education program to enhance and develop teaching and learning practices.
  • Facilitate livelihood programs through non-formal education.
  • Produce book, manuals, monographs, and similar instructional materials to enriched and developed curricular teaching-learning achievements.
  • Create technology-transfer materials to intensity networking of community-development program.


Provide excellent instruction, relevant research, responsive extension and creative production towards quality teacher education program.


  • Produce responsive, functional, values-oriented and globally-competitive professional educators by providing deep and principled understanding of the teaching-learning process.
  • Develop effective and creative future education through exposure to meaningful experimental learning.
  • Mold analytical and critical thinking educators through experience with varied innovative teaching-learning approaches.