College of Engineering


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Objectives of BS Computer Engineering:

  • To equip graduates with technopreneurship skill with professional ethics and to inculcate the value of continuance of professional development based on the importance of lifelong learning.
  • To provide knowledge that is based on system analysis design, development and project management, expose to research and development that are current in content, cutting edge and state of the art in delivery and responding to the biological and global technological challenges of times.
  • To promote and inculcate to the students the importance of healthy environment for the people geared with responsibility, equipped with knowledge in science and technology and environmental values.

Objectives of BS Electrical Engineering:

  • To provide the students with an education in the fundamentals of electrical engineering that will allow them to be immediately competitive in industry or in graduate work while providing the best opportunity for achieving full potential.
  • To develop a sense of professional responsibility and social awareness.
  • To provide practical applications and hands-on work as evidenced by laboratory, design, project study, computer exercises and practicum courses.  These would help the student to work well whether independently or as part of a group.

Objectives of BS Mechanical Engineering:

  • To ensure that the graduates have highest professional integrity, ethical responsibility, and educational standards responsive to global challenges.
  • To ensure that the graduates be able to identify, formulate and solve a wide range of mechanical engineering problems using modern facilities and techniques.
  • To develop in graduates the awareness of existing environmental problems and apply their technical knowledge by providing solution and by incorporating in the design of various equipment that will benefit the environment.
  • To develop students in techno-preneurship skills by combining technology and management

College of Engineering Goals and Objectives:

  • To develop committed, competitive, competent and ethical professionals in the field of engineering.
  • To prepare students for their career as Engineers by providing relevant and responsive curricular programs, dedicated and proficient faculty and advanced facilities.
  • To educate students good moral values, entrepreneurial capability and sense of responsibility in sustaining a healthy environment.


Objectives of BS Electronics and Communications Engineering:

  • To be prepared to create build, improve and install analog and digital electronics, circuits, electronics system and communication system.
  • To be knowledgeable with his/her responsibilities on ethics, laws and contracts and to be environmentally conscious engineer.
  • To be prepared for ECE field of works and research in at least one area of the ECE field of specialization.
  • To perform services in the field of consultation, design preparation of plans and specifications, estimates, implementation and supervision of work standards.

Objectives of BS Industrial Engineering:

  • To equip graduates with a comprehensive foundation of basic engineering knowledge and fundamentals of Industrial Engineering (IE), as well as analytical, managerial and behavioural skills;
  • To develop in graduates the capability to apply learned concepts in engineering and to variety of careers in the continually evolving manufacturing and service industries;
  • To produce graduates knowledgeable of IE professionals’ responsibilities on laws and ethics;
  • To prepare graduates for life-long growth within their field of specialization;
  • To train graduates in IE works and researches in at least one area of the IE field of practice; and
  • To educate graduates about the value of social responsibility and environmental consciousness.