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Fortifying Organic Ways in Achieving Rural Development


Untitled-1 copyExtension Services is the arm of the university which focuses on various areas of development through seminars, workshops, trainings, outreach and promotion and commercialization of technology. Its mission revolves in assisting community, enhancing capability and uplifting’s life quality.


  1. Environmental Protection and Awareness
  2. Livelihood and Skills Training
  3. Gender and Development
  4. Technology Promotion and Commercialization
  5. Community Outreach


  1. 2Ps Para sa 4Ps


Pangkaunlarang Pangkababaihan para sa Pantawid Pamilya Program or 2Ps Para sa 4Ps is a two-year complementary intervention program for the Pantawid grantees of Lucban to achieve the goal of becoming self-sufficient by providing capacity building, values education, entrepreneurship and livelihood training.

Women Pantawid grantees of Lucban received Training on Ornamental Plants Plantation and Production as a part of 2Ps para sa 4Ps.



Psychological Services, fItness and talent development, Livelihood Opportunities and Values education towards Empowerment of differently-abled and disadvantaged YOUth or PSILOVEYou is a three-year program aims to empower differently-abled and disadvantaged youths through capability building, psychological services and physical fitness and talent courses.

Disadvantaged youths clients of Crisis Center for Children and Women at Risk in Lucban together with hearing impared members of Lucban Association of Differently-abled Person participated in Training on Silk Screen Printing which was facilitated under the capability building component of PSILOVEYou.

  1. BRaCe Quezon


Building Resilient Communities in Quezon or BRaCe Quezon is a six-year program which aims to establish resilient communities in Quezon Province through integration of climate change adaptation (CCA) and disaster risk reduction (DRR) to governance, women empowerment, livelihood and community development of municipalities along Tayabas Bay, Lamon Bay and Ragay Gulf through its three components: DRREAM, BETTER and POWERD.

MGAD and KALIPI members of municipalities along Tayabas Bay attended the Orientation on the Role of Women in CCA and DRR as the first key activity of POWERD.


  1. Tanggol Kalusugan ng Agta (College of Allied Medicine)

Tanggol Kalusugan ng Agta is a two-and-a-half-year programs which aims to mainstream basic health management practices to Agta residents living within and along Sentrong Paaralan ng mga Agta through capacity building, information and education campaign, and health services.

  1. SOAR (College of Agriculture)

Sustaining Organic Agriculture and Apiculture for Rural Development or SOAR aims to arrest crops importation, enhance food security, livelihood opportunities and promote sustainable development.

  1. Ilog Ko, Parikitin Mo (College of Arts and Sciences)

Ilog Ko, Parikitin Mo is a third phase extension project that aims to rehabilitate the Camatian River through Information and Education Campaign, seminars and workshops.

  1. Magsasaka’ay Paunlarin, Yamang Lupa ay Tangkilikin (College of Business Administration and College of Industrial Technology)

Magsasaka’ay Paunlarin, Yamang Lupa ay Tangkilikin is a three-year complementary program for the beneficiaries of Yamang Lupa Project which aims to strengthen farmers’ organization through a cooperative; and capacitate farmers’ families for future livelihood opportunities and sustainable development.

  1. SUPPORT and RISE (College of Teacher Education)

Relevant and Intensified Services or RISE aims to uplift the conditions of BPAI members’ families and children; while, SUPportive Progression Of Relevant Targets or SUPPORT aims to uplift the conditions of the day care workers, day care children, parents, staff, Shelter’s youth offenders and victims of the Shelter.

  1. Level Up (College of Engineering)

Level Up is a two-year project which aims to uplift the economic condition of the residents of San Lorenzo Village and to strengthen the members of San Luis Alay Unlad Farm Grower Association Inc.

  1. Skill Development Assistance Program for the Underprivileged Out-of-School Youth (Catanauan Extension)

Skill Development Assistance Program for the Underprivileged Out-of-School Youth is a one-year project which aims to develop knowledge and skills of out-of-school youths of Barangay Madulao on welding, electrical installation and computer.

  1. Promotion of Sustainable Organic Agriculture through Community-based Integrated Natural Framing System (Infanta Campus)

Promotion of Sustainable Organic Agriculture through Community-based Integrated Natural Framing System is a three-year project which aims to provide basic information on organic agriculture technology and encourage beneficiaries in the adoption of the technology for food security and livelihood opportunities to BAFC of Real, Infanta and Gen. Nakar.

  1. Program HEEL (Gumaca Campus)

Health, Education, Environment and Livelihod (H.E.E.L) Program aims to uplift the socio-economic status of the Brgy. TabingDagat, Gumaca, Quezon by providing seminars and trainings intended for the parents and their children. This values formation and livelihood program will develop the personal, social, entrepreneurial and technical skills of the selected participants in the selected community.

  1. FLOUR (Lucena Campus)

Food production and Livelihood Opportunities to Uplift the lives of Residents of Purok Baybayin, Ibabang Dupay, Lucena City or FLOUR intends to provide skills development training and Informal Education on Basic Computer Literacy and Basic English.

  1. HERbuhayan sa Kanayunan (Tagkawayan Campus)

The Project HERBuhayan sa Kanayunan is aims to improve the health and wellness of the community as well as to provide livelihood opportunity through establishment of herbal garden and promotion and commercialization of herbs in Sitio Sentro, Masilay.

  1. Stingless Bee Production

Stingless Bee Production is a two-year project which is geared towards creating livelihood opportunities for farmers and their family members through stingless bee production which will include product processing, packaging, promotion, and marketing.