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Allied Medicine


"To produce proficient, self-reliant, service oriented health professional, imbued with sound moral value, love of God and of country, equipped with scientific knowledge, skill, wholesome attitude and analytical thingking to help promote and preserve quality of life of men as care-givers and health educator."

Specific Objectives

■  Be aware of himself or herself physically, socio-         culturally, emotionally and practice caution in             handling clients thru application of the laws               governing nursing practice and compliance to           the Nursing Code of Ethics.

■  Applied the knowledge, skill and attitudes in               handling preventive, primitive, curative and                 rehabilitative aspect of health care using the               nursing process.

■  Observed desirable values such as love of God           and country, commitment to service especially         to the most needy one in the community,                     hospitals, schools and other institution.

■  Develop the essence or sense of being                         productive and competitive both locally and               globally

■  Be an agent in the promotion of environment             and ecological sustainability through the use of         natural resources in the health care practices

■  Utilize knowledge in the research and apply into         skills through making simple researches                     applicable to nursing practices

General Objectives

The Southern Luzon State University Nursing Education aims to produce nurses with well-rounded personalities, responsible, value-oriented, trained in analytical thinking and in research consciousness, and equipped with the necessary knowledge, skill and attitude in the care and management of well and sick clientele both at home and in any institution