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■  Produce academically equipped and reputable                 technical personalities in the field of Agriculture,               Forestry and Environmental Science.

■  Development and Promote state-of-the-art                         technologies that are economically, physically and           socially feasible.

■  Develop graduates who are not only technically               competent but also intellectually and culturally                 matured capable of assuming roles of leadership in       an increasingly complex society.

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

To produce professionals, researchers, extension workers and farm practitioners who are highly competent in identifying, diagnosing and analyzing problems in designing, packaging and applying technologies needed in the development and conservation of food system resources

Bachelor of Agricultural Technology

To produce professionals and agricultural entrepreneurs capable of managing the farm employing the theoretical and practical aspects of raising crops and animals so that they will contribute to the improvement of country's agricultural conditions.

Bachelor of Science in Forestry

To produce professionals foresters who are capable of managing natural resources in a sustainable basis through education, research and extension activities.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

To produce professionals who are capable of applying the principles of sustainable development and management of the environment and natural resources.

Diploma in Agricultural Technology

To produce technician with all the abilities needed to apply the practical knowledge in raising crops and animals so that they will contribute to the improvements of country's agricultural conditions.